hihiclothing.com Privacy Policy

hihiclothing.com are committed to protecting customer privacy. Please take a moment to look at what information we will collect from you, how we will use this information, and your rights. Vieway International Limited is responsible for managing the personal information we obtain from hihiclothing.com and related software.

What personal information will we obtain about you?

We only collect information that you provide directly or that you have used on the website, including:

Information provided when you use our website (such as: name, contact information, gender, product reviews, and any information about your account);
The transaction information (for example: credit / debit card information and payment information) of the items you purchased on our website;
A record of your interactions with us (for example: your interaction with our customer service department on social media);
The information you provided to us when you participated in the competition or participated in the survey;
Information automatically collected by other tracking software such as a web tracker (for example: which web page have you viewed and whether you have clicked the link in our push email).
At the same time, we will also collect information about the equipment you use to log in to our website, as well as other useful information for the website. For example, we may obtain your location information after obtaining your consent.
If you are shopping on our website, we will combine the information you provide on the website (such as: consuming or joining our website mailing list) with the above information.

What will we use this personal information for?

The purpose of the information depends on how you use our website, your interaction with us, and the permissions you give us. There are mainly the following types:
Complete your order and maintain your online account;
Manage and respond to any inquiries and dissatisfaction with our customer service department;
Based on your account information, consumption records and browsing history to show you what we think you will be interested in;
Improve and maintain the website and monitor its use;
Market surveys, for example, we may contact you for product feedback surveys;
With your consent and permission, send you marketing text messages and provide advertisements tailored to your needs;
Based on security considerations, investigate fraud and protect the rights of our company and third parties;
Comply with and enforce our legal and regulatory obligations.
We will process and use your information based on the following legal basis and information protection laws:
Because this process of information processing is necessary to sign a contract with you and some previous steps (if you are dealing with us, we will use your personal information to process the payment process and complete your order).
Because we have obtained your consent (for example: you asked us, you filled in optional information in your account, or you agreed to accept our marketing methods).
As an online transaction provider, it is our legitimate interest to maintain and improve services. We often go to think more about consumers in order to provide the best products and user experience. At the same time, we customize personalized web browsing for you based on your information, so that the product preview we provide is more interesting and more in line with your preferences.
Our website also allows you to add additional information to your account, such as your body shape, skin type, hairstyle and hair quality, goals and height and weight. We will be very careful to save and process this information, because we understand that these are related to your health and race. You do not have to provide us with this information, and you can delete or update this information at any time.


We like to communicate with customers so that based on your shopping preferences, we can use our personal information database to send you marketing information by mail, telephone and post based on your product preferences. Some of this information is customized for you based on your previous browsing and purchasing records and other information.

If you no longer want to receive our marketing information (or want to reselect), you can contact us at any time to change your preferences (see below for details), and at the same time by clicking "unsubscribe" or upgrade in any email With your account settings, you can no longer receive marketing messages. If you cancel your marketing subscription, every once in a while, we will contact you with feedback on service information (such as: confirmation of order and delivery information and information about your legal rights)

You may also see information about us on third-party websites, including social media. These ads may be customized for you through your web tracker (web tracker will track your web activity, so we can Provide advertisements to customers who visit our website). When you see our advertisements on social media, it means that we authorize them to display advertisements to our customers or people who match our customers' characteristics. In some cases, this may involve providing your email to social media. If you want to stop seeing these customized ads, you can change the privacy settings of your tracker, browser and third-party websites.

Who will we share this personal information with?

We share customer personal information with third parties in the following situations:
Due to business needs, share customer information with other branches of our company
Suppliers and service providers we hire, such as: bill processors and logistics companies
Our professional and legal advisers
Third party to prevent fraud detection
Legal agencies and other government agencies, such as: reporting fraud or responding to legal requirements
When we sell any commercial assets, customer information will be informed to potential buyers. In this case, we will take reasonable measures to ensure that the buyer can comply with this privacy agreement
In addition, it also includes other situations where we have obtained your consent or permitted by law


We have service providers all over the world. Therefore, your personal information may be used in countries other than Europe, including under the local laws of certain countries, and you have fewer legal rights to personal information. If we transfer personal information outside of Europe, we will ensure your privacy rights and protect them appropriately through security in accordance with appropriate laws, especially the EU contract regulations. If you want to know more about safeguards, please contact us.

We will keep your personal information as long as it can achieve the above purpose, the length of time depends on your interaction with us. For example, if you purchase a product from us, we will keep the purchase record for a period corresponding to the invoice, tax and guarantee. We will also keep your contact information (for example, if you have an unsatisfactory evaluation of a product) as long as it is necessary to protect us from legal requirements. Once we no longer need your information, we will delete it. Please note that if you unsubscribe from our marketing notices, we will keep your email address to ensure that we no longer send you marketing emails.


Our website ensures that your information is encrypted when you leave the page. This process involves converting data information into encoding to prevent unauthorized procedures. Our website follows this process and uses a secure method to protect credit and debit card transactions. Entry and exit on our website will be on a secure communication platform, and confidential methods like SSL will be used to protect customer information.
Although we do everything we can to ensure the safety of personal information, we cannot guarantee the safety and integrity of the information transmitted to our website.


Our website is not targeted or used by children under the age of 18, and we will not collect information about children under the age of 18.

Your rights

You have the right to access, transfer, correct and delete your personal information.

You can also request that your personal information be used for specific purposes, including sending marketing information to you. For more information about selection and launch, please see the "Marketing" section above.

We will comply with any request to exercise your power under any applicable law. But please keep in mind that these powers have some restrictions, and sometimes we cannot fulfill your request. If you have any requirements related to your personal information or have any questions about personal information, you can contact us with the following information. You can also contact your local information protection department.